Mini Water Pump

JT-160A DC 6V 120L/h 12V 240L/H Micro Aquarium Submersible Mini Water Pump For Fish Tank

70 ₪

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تاريخ النشر: 2022-06-01

Notices before purchase:

1. Water head does not mean the spraying height, but means the height inside of a pipe. 2. The max flow rate is based on the flow of horizontal condition in the standard test, every buyer uses it in different applications, so the water flow will be different (less than the max flow). 3. Our pumps are not self-priming pumps. It must be installed below the water level or submersible. 4. DC pumps are safety, stable, long lifespan, energy saving. We suggest you use it instead of AC pumps. 5. Continuous running is no problem! The pump will have a super long lifespan if correct using. 6. The diameter of pipe will directly affect the flow rate. 7. Any problem, please contact us before you open a dispute, we don\'t welcome the one who likes to open dispute and bad reviews.

2. It is a small water pump, before ordering, please know this, thanks!

1. Ambient temperature: -20~60C 2. Operating Humidity: less than 90%RH 3. Liquid temperature: -20~60C 4. Using liquid: water or Nonflammable liquid with good fluidity 5. Operation place: Medical, fountains and so on 6. Unpitched sound: less than 35dB 7. PUMP shell Material: ABS 8. Motor magnet:: Ferrite magnets 9. Motor enameled copper wire: 2UEW can resist 130C degrees 10. Length of power cable: 1.5m

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